The Tool (by The Renée)

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The Tool:

Knowing you have a team you can count on.

Ok, so you're pregnant. Or thinking about it. This tool prompts you to think about the people in your circle and select them for support roles on your team throughout your journey. You'll know who you have and who you need.

Why did I create this?

I've been hosting jam sessions for over 2 years now (pandemic slowed me down) over at The Renée and know that many of you expressed lack of support as a major challenge. One way to tackle this is by helping you build a support team starting with the people in your circle.

I created The Tool to help folks who are thinking about becoming pregnant, are pregnant, or who are no longer pregnant save time and build their support systems through a few simple prompts. I've spent 100+ hours talking to many of you, and building this using low-code tool to reduce the guess work in what makes a good support team.

You'll benefit from this if:

• You want to build a support system around your future or current pregnancy

• You want to support someone else who is pregnant in finding their people

• You're trying to conceive and want to start planning

• You're a first time parent/partner/grandparent

• You want to improve the quality of your current support system

• You're feeling unsupported and want to see who you may be missing on your team

• You're a really good Auntie and want everyone to WIN

• You could care less about The Tool and are more interested in the Zoom hangouts.

What's inside:

•  A link to a web based application (you can use your browser!) and a (soon to launch) invitation to a bi-weekly Parlée.


• The Tool does not guarantee that you will have a perfect support system or that you will feel more supported. I am optimistic about the possibilities.

• The Tool does not provide medical advice or advice on mental health. Please consult a qualified health care provider if you are seeking health advice, diagnoses, or treatment. The information presented on The Tool is solely for general information purposes and any reliance you place on such information is strictly at your own risk.

What Are People Saying?

You tell me! Grab a slot on my calendar and tell me what you think:

Or submit feedback here:


Does this work on my computer or phone?

Short answer: Both.

Long-ish answer: This is a web based tool meant to work on errrrthang. No download needed.

Is there a refund policy?

Yup! If you feel like The Tool hasn't provided you with any value, write to me & I'll give you a refund within the first 30 days. I'm up late at night improving this web app so that people find value in being strategic about their support system. I'm confident in the value of this, but I want you to use it and be happy!  The only thing I ask is that you let me know how I can improve.

Why is it plain?

In true MVP (minimal viable product) style, this is about providing a service without all the bells and whistle. We've all used FANCY apps that failed to deliver on value. We'll my aim is to build quickly and get it before you to use... learn and continue to improve. Design is coming.

What's Next:

A dashboard to further customize your team
Create a profile so that you can save your progress


Any other questions?
You can DM me on Twitter @_theRenee
OR Instagram @_thetool
OR email me directly: whitney {at}

P.S. If you can't afford this for any reason, please reach out and I'll do my best to make it work for you!

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The Tool (by The Renée)

0 ratings
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